Webb 6-14 E For Sale $900

11 months ago
Webb 6-14 E For Sale $900
John Eichleay
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Steel Guitar Forum
New York, USA

Black Wedd 6-14 E Steel Guitar Amp for sale. $900
Pros: JBL E130-4 15" speaker, solid state, huge, great sounding amp. The perfect amp for a studio or a practice room. Cover included
Cons: The reverb is a little noisy (but tolerable) the amp itself is a little heavy. It's a better stay at home amp. Not the kind of thing you want to be moving around very often.
This amp is in good condition. There are a few scuffs and tears in the tolex. (see pictures) but other than that it's great. I have used this amp as my practice amps for some time now. I have used it on a few recording dates as well.
I would rather sell this amp to a local buyer. Im always nervous about shipping something this size/weight.
$900 (+ shipping)