72 Sho Bud 12 ext. E9 - $1500.00

11 months ago
Donald Paden
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Steel Guitar Forum
Colorado, USA

An early 12 string Sho Bud for sale. The guitar has 4 knees and 3 floor pedals. It has the 2 raise, one lower changer system that is one of Sho Buds best sounding versions. It has the nylon tuning nuts. The changer was completely gone through and cleaned , and new parts needed for the E9 were made by the master machinist John Coop - Mr. Sho Bud. It would be easy to add pedals.
A previous owner attempted to refinish the original body and sanded through some of the inlay, and the decicion was made to make a new body from lacewood, a dense tropical hardwood. The original maple body is still around and the inspection sticker is attached signed by PF - Paul Franklin senior. The guitar is in beautiful, like new condition and plays great with sweet tone.
It has been fitted into a tenor sax case so it is a lighter and smaller package than most guitars and would make a great 12 string for someone looking to try Ext. E9 or, like me, trying to lighten the load a little bit.
Don Paden (Colorado)
(970) 286-8315