Fender D-8 1956 near mint, awesome!

7 months ago
Fender D-8 1956 near mint, awesome!
John Goux
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Steel Guitar Forum
California, USA

1956 Fender D-8 in near mint condition.
Sounds awesome and is ready to gig.
All original, including the blonde paint, decals, 4 legs, and tweed case in great shape.
Since the guitar is 62 years old, it has required some electronic maintenance. The pickups are original, and Ive had 2 broken coils rewound to original specs and wire. The tone cap and tone pot have been replaced. Work has been done to keep the switches and wiring fully functional.
The original parts are in the case.
The dual single coil pickups per neck, are mixed by a dial under the removable bridge plates, and they are humbucking when used together. The necks are switched via the push knobs.
This is a fine vintage guitar that will get out your trad Hawaiian, Chris Scruggs retro, and it screams the blues with overdrive.
This is an example of Leos genius for design and functionality.
Contact me at Gouxman@sbcglobal.net
Or use the PM or email on the site.
$1700 plus shipping. Or best offer.