Dekley Slimline SD-10

12 months ago
Leo Grassl
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Steel Guitar Forum
Nashville TN

This Dekley Slimline model was rebuilt by Tommy Cass. It plays like a new guitar. The changer was taken out and cleaned completely. It has Brand new nylon tuners as well as brand new Grover Keyhead tuners. It also has a 705 pickup in it now that sounds fantastic. It has 3 pedals and 5 knees. It has lightweight aluminum legs and ways about 36 LBs out of the case.
Standard Emmons setup. It has a second string half tone lower tuner on the underside of the guitar (Picture attached). It has a crack in the body of the guitar but does not affect its tone, tuning or playability in any way (pic attached). Tommy drilled a small hole where the crack stops so it will not go any further. I would highly recommend this guitar to anyone wanting a fully professional great sounding guitar. It also has the least amount of cabinet drop of any guitar I have ever owned. It measures about 1.2 cents of drop on a Peterson tuner when the C pedal is engaged. I took out the time control switch because I had no use for it. I will include it in the sale if the future owner would like it.
The price is $1600 and I'll split the shipping. Below is a link to a sample of me playing the guitar with some friends to give you an idea of the tone.