Elephant Racing Bilstein Suspension Setup

11 months ago
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San Diego, CA

Short Version: I have a set of revalved Bilstein dampers + new hollow 21/27 torsion bars + Bilstein strut housings for sale.
Long Version:
As part of my (now abandoned) 911 project, I decided early on that I would select a torsion bar configuration (21mm/27mm) and then have Elephant Racing re-valve my factory Bilstein dampers to suit that spring rate. A lot of folks were recommending that over buying a generic off-the-shelf Bilstein. I sent ER my Bilstein strut inserts and rear shocks and the following restoration/revalving work was performed:
Custom Valve 1 pair Bilstein cores
- Replace all seals
- Change oil
- Polish shafts
- Recharge nitrogen gas
- Custom build valve stack to specs
- Install new valve stack/piston
- dyno test complete
In addition, the following parts were replaced with new:
- Internal bump stop for 36mm bilstein front insert (x2)
- rod for 36mm front inserts, 11mm (x2)
- 9" x 14mm rod, non adjustable - standard 72-89 911 rear shocks (x2)
- Bilstein rear top shaft extension (x2)
- Lower eye mount bushing for 911 rear shock with M14 bolt size (x2)
- 78mm progressive bump stop (x2)
- M13 Stem top bushing (x4)
I also stripped and repainted the rear shock housings.
Unfortunately, I never managed to complete the car, so these are as they came from ER.
- I am looking to sell the revalved Bilstein front strut inserts and rear shocks for $700.
- I also have a brand new set of hollow 21mm and 27mm Sway-Away torsion bars available at $600.
- I will also make the factory Bilstein front strut housings available for $800 (these were stripped, cleaned and repainted). They are date stamped "75" and were taken from my 1976 911S. They include a set of all 4 stripped and painted original metal dust covers. They are 3.5" spacing. I will also be including a brand new pair of wiper seals (purchased from ER) which are not shown and live at the top of the housing.

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